Welcome to My Realm


I am fully vaccinated and get tested regularly to protect myself and others. In order to book, I will require all clients to show proof of vaccination and depending on current CDC date, a recent test (PCR or rapid antigen.)

References and security deposit will still be required upon consideration, NO exceptions. Please refer to my booking form to begin the process. Thank you for your patience and I look forward to meeting with you soon! 

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Transformation can be expressed in many ways but the art of BDSM has provided Me with the most unique experiences in creativity and play. I love how power dynamics can awaken innate roles and allow for authenticity to shine through. My work as a Dominatrix begin in 2017 and stemmed out of my world as a performance artist. It is from this point that I began to dive into the practices of BDSM and explore what it meant to embrace My personal forms of Domination. I approach each session as I do My art, by creating an open and safe space for expression, creativity, and catharsis to be shared and witnessed through experience. I refer to Myself as a Sensual Sadist and enjoy any kind of play that involves intentional transformation through submission.

In 2019 I opened up Nightshade Sanctuary, a kink friendly studio in San Francisco that hosts monthly classes, workshops, and events for the BDSM community. It has since become a valuable meeting ground for kink and art to intertwine together, allowing vast communities to connect in one open space. So, whether I am hosting an event for many, guiding an individual to embrace a fetish or simply having fun exploring a personal fantasy, you will know exactly who is the Dominant and where the power lies. I look forward to meeting you in servitude.