How to Spoil:

One of the best parts about a D/s dynamic is that it really revolves around mutual contentment. Your proper submission makes me joyful and if your Mistress is happy, then naturally, you are happy. So, while it is absolutely not a requirement, gifts and acts of devotion are always appreciated. A gift, a cash tribute, or simply a handwritten card can all be small acts of adoration that have a big impact. A Dominatrix always remembers these gestures with fondness and appreciation.


Here I've provided some links and lists but keep in mind, I value practicality, and gifts that will be useful in my everyday life stand out more to Me. I also appreciate spontaneity and creativity as well, so have fun with it!

Send a gift from My Amazon Wishlist.


Send tribute through cashapp with a non-decriptive, very vanilla subject such as: "for you" or "have a good weekend", etc.

Take Me out shopping! Stand behind Me or kneel at My feet while I try on clothes, shoes, lingerie, all while using your credit card for anything and everything. 

Fine Dining: I absolutely love having a unique dining experience. Treat Mistress Ophelia to a romantic date, or pitch in for Me and My friends to enjoy an evening out on you.

Pamper your Mistress: Treat Me to a day of luxury at the spa. Self care is extremely important to Me and I love receiving massage, soaking in hot pools, and dedicating hours to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Book an AirBNB: Mistress Ophelia and I love to travel and escape from the city once and while. Treat Us to a weekend getaway and we'll be sure to offer a personalized thank you in return.

Sign up for My online platform:
AVNstars:  This monthly subscription will give you an intimate insight into My relationship with fellow Dominatrix and partner, Mistress Ophelia, through uncensored pictures, video, and writing.


Other hobbies: Hiking, yoga, reading, meditation retreats, art, dance and performance, cooking, herbalism, gardening, the occult, architecture, real estate ( Help Me buy My dream house), traveling.

Birthday: September 8th

Height: 5'4"

Shoe: US 8

Bra: 36c

Panties:  S

Gloves: S-M

Jacket: S-M

Corset Size: 26", Bust: 36-37 inch, Waist 28-29 inch, Hips: 38-39 inch