Please Read

How do I book a session? 
he first step is to fill out My submission form in its entirety. I will then correspond through email within 24-48 hr. providing further instruction. 


I take session requests Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm, however, My schedule varies month to month. To reserve time, please refer to my submission form.

Is there a deposit fee?  

Yes. To pre-book a session, I require a deposit that will go towards the rental fee. This is to secure the dungeon space as well as my time.

Is there a late/cancellation fee?

Yes. If you are late, I expect to be compensated for our scheduled time in its entirety. If you need to cancel, you forfeit the deposit fee.

For cancellations, 24 hours notice is needed in order to avoid any charges. If you do so within that time, I will allow you to rebook within the month. If it is past that, then you forfeit the deposit. If you cancel Less than 24 hours, I will require a tribute of 50% of the total time set. No exceptions.

Do you do overnight and multi-day sessions?

Yes. This opportunity is only available to those who have served me before. I require a large deposit and enforce a 72-hour cancellation policy. Inquire within for more information.

Do you do Public Outings? 

Yes. I offer to meet and greets and public outings at a different rate other than My dungeon sessions. This would appeal to those who are new to BDSM, who would like to connect in person through conversation first before playing. This also suits fetishists, voyeurists, and experienced players alike. Fill out My submission form and make a note that you would like to have a public outing. From there, I can determine where and what we could explore together, out there.


Do you do multi-Mistress sessions? 

Yes! Yes! Yes! I love playing with fellow Femdoms. 

Is it appropriate to bring gifts/tip the Mistress?

While not a requirement, it is courteous to show your appreciation in some form. I love receiving thoughtful gifts or gratuity that recognizes the time and intention that was put in before, during, and after your session. Receiving gifts from my wishlist are always an unexpected surprise and remind me of you, just as you are thinking of Me.

Do you play Only with men?

NO. I love playing with ALL genders and sexualities, couples, novices, and Professionals alike.


Can I be your slave?  

If you are asking right off the bat to be My slave, then No, you may not. It takes years of dedicated sessions to build a trustworthy relationship for Me to even consider this. My collared submissives and slaves have earned the right to serve Me to such a degree and I value them for their time, dedication, and patience.

What is your ideal submissive?

I appreciate someone who comes in with an open mind and enthusiasm; someone who is willing to push themselves, learn and grow out of the experience. A respectful person who has taken the time to read, inquire, and does the necessary steps show Me that you take Me, My craft, and our time together seriously. I also very much appreciate good hygiene and cleanliness.

What kinds of play do you especially enjoy?

I love playing on many levels, from sensual sensory to heavy corporal sessions. I especially enjoy anything that involves some type of intentional transformation. Activities such as impact play, (to experience pain for release and pleasure), sensory deprivation (to free the mind and listen to the body), feminization (to be seen in a new way without judgment), and slave training (to teach and expand one's ability to understand and practice servitude.) are just some of my favorites. Regardless of the play, I am most inspired by the unique connection that can happen in the D/s dynamic and feels that through this vulnerability, the empowerment of each individual can be awakened.