I have many interests and am always open to learning more but some of my favorite activities include:

-Sensory Play~

To take away your sight, to wrap you in a web of bondage, to tease and torment your senses through my touch, scent, presence and power. Sensory play can take many forms and it's one of My favorite ways to seduce you into My space while placing you into a deep submissive state. 


-Impact Play and Corporeal Punishment~

Impact play is one of my favorite activities because it is the most direct way to connect to ones body. Beneath my hand, flogger, cane, whip, crop, paddle, whatever the implement maybe, you surrender to releasing your thoughts in order to simply feel the sensations in your body. It takes tremendous dedication and practice in learning how to use these tools properly and it gives Me such satisfaction to use them on you. I love seeing the waves of pain and pleasure run through you as anticipation for the next stroke fills the room. It can be a very cathartic experience for both involved and as a Sadist, offering your body in this way is a grand gesture not taken lightly. Should you deserve this as a punishment, than have no doubt a disciplined hand will reign down on you and you'll thank Me for it.


-Foot and Boot worship/trampling~

I love observing how you fade into a unique kind of ecstasy when you kiss my feet or lick my boots. You worship the ground I stand upon and how lovely is it when you become that ground for Me to step and stomp on; putting you right in your place, beneath Me.



Assisting subs and sissies alike as they explore the more feminine aspects of themselves gives Me great joy. As a Professional make up artist, I have the skills it takes to completely transform you, making you embody the woman within.


-Service Training~

 In case you haven't noticed, I am very specific and detail-oriented. I value submissives who can be attentive in their servitude and it is within My power that I get to tell you exactly what to do, how to do it, and what I expect of you. Sometimes it takes a lot of training and guidance to do so but providing you with attainable goals only gives you greater purpose. What better way than to bend at the knee and offer your humble service to your Mistress?


-CBT, Chastity, and Cuckolding~

I truly have no use for know. So, why not have fun tying, torturing, trampling or just locking it up for good. Don't worry, your key is safe with Me. And since at this point, you already know you would never be worthy enough for Me, you can fantasize what it would be like to be a cuck while My partner and I love on each other and laugh at you...


-Ritualistic, energetic, and transformative play~

When you enter My space, you immediately come under My spell. I work alongside the elements and I create ritual through play, so, this can look in many different ways. Perhaps it's up to you to find out... 

My limits which are non-negotiable are as follows:

I do NOT engage in:

  • Sex or sexual activities that end in the word 'job'.

  • Requests for Nudity or partial nudity

  • Brown shower/ Full toilet training

  • Submissive Only sessions. I am not submissive or switch. Dominant only.

  • Fully scripted roleplay Scenes

  • Race play

  • Competitive wrestling, fighting, or physical violent acts.